Condensate Tank Cleaning

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Degassing and odour control for safe man entry during the cleaning process are among the major challenges to overcome in cleaning condensate tanks. Young EnergyServe is well known for its ability to deal with the difficulties associated with cleaning the following condensates:

· Caroline condensate

· Cold Lake condensate

· Peace River condensate

· High sulphur condensate

· Blended light oil

· Reformate

The following emphasizes Young EnergyServe Inc’s capabilities to safely and efficiently handle your condensate tank cleaning requirements:

· Safety is of utmost importance: A total commitment to health, safety and environmental protection is a major expectation of customers. Young EnergyServe continuously educates and trains all employees to consistently meet and/or exceed government, and industry safety standards. Young EnergyServe has Zero Lost Time incidences since its inception and works diligently on maintaining this status.

· Fast degas times: It normally takes weeks to effectively degas tanks containing high LELs (Lower Explosive Limits) and Volatile Organic Compounds. Young EnergyServe has invested in the development of an environmentally safe and people friendly proprietary encapsulant, Enviro-lock. Safe man entry can be achieved in as little as 4 hours for a 200 ft. diameter tank with the application of Enviro-Lock versus days/weeks using other degas methods.

· Odour control: Condensates emit noxious (smelly) odours. These emissions must be controlled to protect people working at the jobsite and residents in the surrounding communities. Mechanical ventilation with chemical additives is used to remove these unpleasant odours. Exhaust from vacuum truck operations is also chemically scrubbed to eliminate these foul odours.

· Varied cleaning options: Young EnergyServe earned its reputation by ‘going in and getting it’ which means the application of proven manual techniques by very experienced and well trained field service personnel to remove residues. Customers rave about Young EnergyServe Inc’s ability to successfully complete tough tank cleaning projects safely and efficiently. Investment in state of the art robotics which includes the use of fully automated cannons and dozers with 24/7 monitoring with incorporating a Class 1 Div 1 video camera, gamma jetting, circulation with oil recovery, and centrifugation for two and three phase separation positions Young EnergyServe to meet clients expectations and solidify its position as the condensate tank cleaning contractor of first choice.

· Specially designed and carefully selected equipment: Young EnergyServe supplies its own mobile robotics tank cleaning equipment, vacuum trucks, pressure wash units, breathing air trailers, command centres and tool cribs. All equipment is customized specifically for condensate tank cleaning.

· Single source service provider: This ‘One Stop Shop’ cleaning service simplifies project coordination. One phone call, one permit, one supervisory contact versus the management and marshalling of a number of contractors to achieve the same end result.

· Professionally trained workforce: Operators, safety crews, confined space entry personnel, foremen and supervisors are industry ticketed and continuously trained to meet a wide variety of condensate tank cleaning challenges. Breathing air technicians, experienced equipment maintenance mechanics, and a fully stocked warehouse with experienced logistics personnel, provide job preparation, coordination, and support to the field operations.

· Experienced operations management: Customers have access to a wealth of industrial cleaning knowledge and experience. Young EnergyServe’s branch manager, operations manager, tank services manager and HSSE (Health Safety and Environmental) manager have all worked directly in cleaning storage tanks, vessels and towers. Its combined industrial cleaning experience is over 60 years, a level of experience not often seen at other contrators.