Robotic Tank Cleaning

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Young EnergyServe enhances its position as the Canadian leader in tank cleaning services with the introduction of its Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) tank cleaning system. By constantly integrating new technologies with an ever-expanding knowledge base, Young EnergyServe is well positioned to meet and/or exceed customers� needs.

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Young EnergyServe�s Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) tank cleaning system is currently being used with exceptional results. This innovative technology, in combination with its proprietary product, Enviro-Lock, provides Young EnergyServe with an additional method to safely and quickly degas and clean problem storage tanks. Customers are often amazed at how fast its field personnel are able to safely degas and clean storage tanks compared to what they�ve experienced with other tank cleaning service providers.

Some of the components of Young EnergyServe�s Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) tank cleaning system include a remote operated cannon that can be either mounted in a manway or on a remotely controlled dozer, a 24/7 Class 1 Div 1 fully automated video camera to capture the degas and cleaning cycles, and online atmospheric monitoring.

Some scenarios where Young EnergyServe Inc�s ART tank cleaning system can be applied include:

· Preparing tanks that are high in LEL (Lower Explosion Limits), BTXs (Benzene, Toluene and Xylene), toxic chemicals, and gases for cleaning and safe entry

· Customers frequently have tanks that have been damaged and deemed unsafe for manned entry. Use of the robotics system is now a safe and reliable cleaning option

· Capable of being used where high temperature aqueous or hydrocarbon liquids are required to facilitate tank cleanings

· Can be adapted to handle a variety of cleaning situations

Benefits of Young EnergyServe�s ART tank cleaning system include:

· Safety is ensured due to the non-exposure of personnel to hazardous environments

· Online continuous atmospheric monitoring for personnel and environmental protection

· Waste is minimized. This system recirculates and filters products during cleaning, thereby reducing water consumption and capturing the solids, minimizing waste

· Eliminate risk where tanks are damaged and personnel entry is questionable

· Easily transformed to accommodate difficult to clean environments

· Intrinsically safe equipment with fully trained and experienced technicians

· Safe, fast, efficient, and cost effective cleaning methodology

· Easy to install with a small footprint

· Capable of rapid deployment because of the specially customized trailers designed for the safe transportation and operation of the ART tank cleaning system

· Minimization, or elimination, of risks associated with tank cleanings in populated or environmentally sensitive areas

· Health, Safety and Environmentally friendly